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Our 2024 National Lentil Festival Coloring Contest is open now through August 9th! Sharpen those crayons and best of luck to all of our lil' lentils! 

 Pick up a sheet at the following locations:    

  • Palouse Discovery Science Center (950 NE Nelson Ct. Pullman, WA)

  • Roost Coffee & Market (125 SE Spring St. Pullman, WA)

  • Neill's Coffee & Ice Cream (230 E Main St. Pullman, WA)

  • Brused Books (235 E Main St. Pullman, WA)

  • Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters (400 E Main St. Pullman, WA)

  • Pullman Parks & Rec Center (190 SE Crestview St. Pullman, WA)

  • Neill Public Library (210 N. Grand Ave. Pullman, WA) - Pick-up & Drop-off location


Prizes for our National Lentil Festival Coloring Contest will be given to the top entry in the following categories: 


1. Ages 3 - 5 years

2. Ages 6 - 9 years

3. Ages 10 - 13 years

Return your coloring sheet to:


The Pullman Chamber and Visitor Center

415 N. Grand Ave, Pullman, Washington


Due: Friday, August 9th at 5 p.m. Good luck!

2023 Winners

Congratulations to the 3 coloring contest winners chosen by Palouse Discovery Science Center!

Emaline - Palouse Spirit Award ($25 PDSC gift certificate)

Chloe - Harvest Honor Award ($25 PDSC gift certificate)

Freya - Crimson Crayon Award (Pets play pack from PDSC)

Thank you to our Coloring Contest Partners!

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